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Our Investment
The Facility
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Service Offerings

TSM 32 offer a range a services, one of which is our hosting service located at an Internet Data Centre.

The TSM 32 hosting services are located in a world-class facility that offers carrier independent, high bandwidth Internet access within a highly resilient, fully secured environment. TSM 32 is able to offer both infrastructure and managed solutions, an approach that suits start up companies and large enterprises seeking to leverage the Web to manage and/or sell their products and services online.

TSM 32's investment in the hosting services provides our customers with reliable access to premium infrastructure and service solutions that are capable of supporting their own corporate goals at cost-effective prices. To establish and maintain a facility of this caliber requires a significant capital investment and most organisations would prefer to invest in core customer-facing business activities rather than infrastructure. TSM 32 can assist organisations in this situation by allowing them access to state of the art facilities and services without the burden of a large capital outlay. Along with Web hosting and services that require Internet connectivity, the hosting facility also offers more traditional data centre services such as operations management, disaster recovery and monitoring services.

The Internet Data Centre (IDC) is a purpose-built, highly secure facility operating 24 hours x 365 days a year. It comprises a built up area of 7,000 square metres, combining a high level of redundancy and fail-over capability with the capacity to cater for rapid growth in demand.

Security Features Include:
bullet Bullet proof glass in external windows, fire and bullet proof doors
bullet Secure reception with 24 x 7 guards
bullet 24 hour video monitoring and continuous recording
bullet Integrated proximity card and biometric access control systems
bullet All visits, including suppliers must be pre-arranged
bullet Government issued photo identification required for all visitors

The IDC has been designed with, at minimum, N+1 redundancy principles applied. This means that in the event of failure of power, air conditioning or
telecommunications the resulting load on back up systems is managed with no reduction in performance levels.

Redundancy features include:
bullet Fully integrated building management system for smoke, fire & water detection, electrical & air conditioning performance
bullet Dual power feeds from Energy Australia with sub-station on site
bullet Separate transformers and mains switch boards
bullet Multiple generators
bullet Multiple UPS systems with battery back up
bullet Multiple power management modules
bullet Two high capacity diesel fuel tanks
bullet Multiple air conditioning units
bullet Redundant Internet connections with automatic failover

Unlike many other facilities of this kind, the IDC TSM 32 utilises is carrier independent, with connections from four carriers: Optus, PowerTel, Uecomm and Telstra. The IDC also boasts high bandwidth Internet access. Installed telecommunications capacity is in excess of 1 Gbps.

bullet Space: Shared or dedicated areas in racks and cages
bullet Internet bandwidth: committed Mbps or down load basis
bullet Monitoring of bandwidth utilisation and availability
bullet 24x7 Network Operations Centre
bullet Managed firewall services
bullet Supply of systems, hardware and maintenance
bullet Remote Hands services from basic reboots to server builds and network and server configuration
bullet Secure server hosting
bullet Media management and off site storage
bullet Reporting

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